Thursday, November 24, 2005


We had a great Thanksgiving here.

We spent the day at home, not traveling. Normally we would drive about an hour and a half to be with one side of Lisa's family during Thanksgiving, but this year we decided to spend the holidays at home. Amelia's just about six months old, and not doing too well at long distance traveling yet, so we decided to have a peaceful holiday season, instead of a frustrating one.

We pretty much ate and napped all day...well, Amelia and I napped, while Lisa took the opportunity to watch some movies. We'd bought a turkey breast that was off the bone and precooked, so it only took about an hour to heat it through. It was tasty! And much more convenient than working with the full turkey, plus we still have leftovers.

We did not watch any sports today. I'll risk universal derision (well, at least Columbus-wide derision) by saying that we are not fans of the local college team, the Buckeyes. In fact, we don't care much for televised sports of any sort (okay, I think we're up to nationwide derision).

So we avoided watching any sports, and instead managed to work in some time playing cards. Amelia hasn't quite worked out the rules of the card game yet (Kings on the Corner), but she likes the feel and taste of the cards. I need to see if there are kid friendly cards out there, otherwise our current deck is going to look like it's been through the wash.

All in all, a great relaxing day. Just what we all needed! I hope everyone else had exactly what they needed out of their day.

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