Thursday, November 24, 2005

A Wearable Video Camera

Some of you may remember that I have a new daughter, and a new digital camera.

That's a recipe for needing a lot more hard drive space in my next computer. But I didn't realize how much space I'd need until I started playing with the video mode on the camera.

Anyway, taking videos of my daughter is fun, and we like looking at them later. They'll be a great way for her to see what she was like when she was young. But, all our videos are pretty much setup pieces, since we need to have the camera ready and be prepared. And the person taking the video often doesn't get to enjoy what's happening until they watch the video.

So I did some web searching, and found a wearable video camera that allows "after the fact" recording ( ). The basic idea is that it is continuously recording on a 30 second loop. When you see something that you'd like to record, you take 10 to 20 seconds to enjoy what's happening, and then hit the button to record the last 30 seconds of the loop. The best part is, the camera is wearable (they have mounts for a hat or on glasses), so you always have it with you.

After having experimented with a non-wearable camera, this sounds like a great idea. Granted, if you're out in public people will probably wonder why you have a camera stuck to the side of your glasses, but at least you'll be able to capture whatever happens.

They have another version that allows continuous recording, but doesn't seem to allow the after the fact recording. So you either get an event in interesting 30 second chunks, or you get the entire event and have to edit it down. I'd love a version that allowed both continuous recording and 30 second chunks...or even better, one that recorded on a 30 second loop, so that you could start your continuous recording 30 seconds in the past.

I think I'll wait to purchase one of these until my daughter is a bit older. Maybe they'll have come out with the super deluxe version by then.

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