Saturday, September 15, 2007

On Being Sick

I didn't manage to miss the usual round of flu that hits a college when students come back together after the summer this year.

My daughter came down with it first, and only had a couple of days of being sick. So when my wife and I started showing symptoms, we figured we'd have a couple of days of feeling bad and that'd be that.

Apparently my daughter's immune system kicks butt. So far we've been sick for about a week, and have only just started feeling better. It'll probably be another week before we're back to 100%.

It's interesting being feel like you're going to die, even though you know you won't. You can't manage to get motivated to do any of the things you really need to do (after all, if you're going to die, what use is grading papers?)

Getting better is almost as bad as getting sick. You have to make the transition from laying around resting to resuming your normal responsibilities. It's a big stress on your body, since you usually have to do this before you're 100%. So you end up feeling even more exhausted at the end of the day than you did when you were sick.

Maybe I'm still running a fever? Or does anyone else think about things like this?