Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cat on the Prowl

Since having a picture of your cat on your blog is the thing to do these days, I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon.

Our cat is named Cat.

That's not so surprising, since we tend to name our neighbors according to what's most memorable about them. At an apartment we lived at, there was Bird Lady (she had a really noisy bird), and Smoker Lady, etc. So our cat is named Cat.

Cat started out as a stray, hanging out in our yard and climbing our trees. Lisa put the time into making friends with her, and before you know it Cat's spending the days curled up on a chair in my office. We weren't sure we wanted another cat so soon after my childhood cat (Ziggy) had died, so we put Cat out at night, thinking that would keep her from getting too attached in case we decided against having another cat.

We finally decided that, no matter what we did about keeping or not keeping her, that we needed to have her spayed. Our neighborhood has a stray cat problem (due in part to, you guessed it, the Cat Lady), so we didn't want Cat to contribute to it. Well, after the operation, Cat needed to stay inside for a week or so. She took to our home like it was her own. In cat terms, she probably thought she was just leasing us the home in exchange for food and love.

Since Cat started as a stray, she's always been into being outside. We've gone through several variations on trying to keep her in more than out, especially after one of the other strays beat her up pretty badly. We finally ended up with letting her out when we were there to supervise, so we could chase the other strays out of the yard.

Then Lisa and I had a baby, and all of a sudden we have less time for supervising Cat, and she takes the opportunity to be out more and more. So we're back to having a stray Cat eat and sleep here, but otherwise she's enjoying being outside unsupervised for most of the time.

Curious how things come full circle.

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