Thursday, November 01, 2007

How Much To Tip

I've always tipped people based on how much I enjoyed their service. Friendly people get bigger tips from me. I'm a sucker for someone who makes it seem like they're actually enjoying their job, too.

I took a recent survey on tipping, which is why this subject came up. Here are my answers to the survey:

What about you? How much do you tip, and why?

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Slamablog said...

I usually tip the minimum percentage required when giving a tip. I believe just like you do in the fact that if the service is really good that they deserve a higher tip. A good example of this would be when the waiter asks questions such as "Are you enjoying your meal?" or "Would you like a refill for your drink?" Questions like this are important to ask because if they are not asked by the waiter, then the customer will feel like they are being ignored. The customer shouldn't have to ask for an extra drink; the waiter will notice that the cup is almost empty and be able to refill it. All this would have to be done with a happy manner with attention solely on the customer. Examples of when I wouldn't give the waiter a high tip is when they do something accidental such as spilling a drink or dropping a plate.