Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Well, I've moved to the town where I teach college.

This move has been over a year in the making, if you count from when we started looking for a house. We finally bought one in May, but it needed a lot of work. The previous owners hadn't really taken care of the place, so there was lots of fixing up. Plus, we wanted a few new bits and pieces added, like a screened in deck. Construction is still going on, but we moved in anyway so we could get our old house on the market before the holidays.

Moving was a mess! My daughter was car sick driving to the new house the day the movers were bringing all the furniture. She wasn't able to keep down any food until late afternoon, after the movers were finished. After that she's been adjusting well, but she still has little tantrums now and then. The move has been a big stress for her, so hopefully she'll relax more and more as we get settled into the new house.

It's been great being able to walk to school, instead of driving over an hour. But I have loads of grading to catch up on that I wasn't able to do the week of the move, so I'm using all that extra time grading and unpacking!

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