Saturday, June 30, 2007

Painting with Child

Our basement is finished, but we had water problems and needed to replace most of the drywall. It was going to cost a couple of thousand to paint, so we had the bright idea to paint it ourselves to save some money.

I've never painted anything outside of middle-school art class.

My Mom came for a visit to help us out by playing with Amelia, our two-year old. Amelia isn't one to sit idly by while there's work to be done, though, so when she learned we were painting she kept making two signs over and over. One was her sign for "work", and the other was her sign for "everybody".

So she ended up downstairs with a brush in one hand and a roller in the other. She did great, and learned how to scrape the brush on the side of the paint can to get the excess paint off it, and how to get the excess paint off the roller. If she was a bit haphazard in where she painted, well, it was all a new and exciting experience for her.

She ended up not quite as covered in paint as I'd expected. She's really pretty good about not deliberately making a mess, but painting is messy. And she had a great time helping out.

I'm sure we violated every child labor law in the book, though. So keep it to yourself, okay?


Anonymous said...

Cute - painting with kids can be heaps of fun. I have a niece and we managed to pin her down in the high chair to try and keep the mess to a minimum.

Jay said...

That high chair was probably covered by the end!