Sunday, June 03, 2007

Birthday Cake

There's something about the tradition of having cake on your birthday that seems really important to some people.

My daughter had her second birthday party yesterday. My Mom seemed to really want Amelia to have cake for her birthday. On her first birthday, we gave her a birthday pear, because that was what she really was enjoying those days. Plus, she'd had reactions to wheat, so cake was out that first year.

This year we'd planned on having cake anyway, but it was funny how important it was to everyone else. So we put a couple of candles on the cake and Amelia blew them out (we'd had her practicing lately by blowing bubbles through the little bubble wands, so she had some good lung capacity).

Amelia loved the cake, and didn't bother with a fork. She just used her hands to eat it, leaving crumbs all over the place.

We've been called health food nuts before, so it won't be any surprise to those of you who know us that the cake was an applesauce cake made with a mix of rice and wheat flour. Very healthy for you! We weren't about to give Amelia a typical sugar laden cake, regardless of what everyone else wanted.

Amelia had a great time during her party, and showed everyone how she could blow bubbles, and carried her geranium she's taking care of over to show them, too. She's quite the social girl once she gets used to the crowd.

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