Sunday, March 05, 2006

Spring Break!

I'm officially on spring break right now.

Since I was paid to be a computer geek for years, and now get paid to teach other people how to geek, it's a nice change to have some time to be outside. I usually forget, in the press of getting things done during the normal semester, to take time to just enjoy being outdoors. I spent some time today in our woods doing some cleaning up. Picking up broken branches for kindling, digging out some weed bushes that have gotten out of hand, that sort of thing.

It didn't take too long, since our woods is only about 60' by 90'. We have a long lot, and the back third of it is natural woods. Nearly everyone else in the neighborhood had cleared out the trees and planted grass long ago, but we were lucky enough to buy one of the two houses that still had some natural woods left.

Lest you think I'll be spending the entire week enjoying myself, I do have grading and lecture notes to work on before the week is out. But I like to take a couple of days to do absolutely nothing except what I'd like, to cool down from the hectic pace of working.

The rest of the week will probably end up being busy, since I have a list of about a dozen major tasks I'd like to accomplish while I have some significant free time. I doubt I'll get them all done, but by the end of the week I'll probably be ready to go back to work!

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