Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Interesting Science Gizmos

It's been some time since my last entry. Spring at college is a strangely downbeat time, as everyone is ready for the summer break and tired from working hard through the fall. So as the critters and flowers are getting ready to explode into action, students and faculty seem to be gearing down.

I found a great site filled with science gizmos lately, while looking for interesting activities for my daughter. Okay, she's only 10 months old, so I'm probably looking a little too early, but I'm glad I did. The site is, and you have to love a catalog that has a Leonardo Da Vinci action figure.

The Giga Ball ( is one of my favorites. I may have to buy one just to have around in five years when my daughter will be ready for it (although, at the rate she does shoulder rolls on the bed, she may be ready pretty soon!)

There's also a section on the site with enough ideas for science experiments that should keep any child busy up through middle age. I can only imagine what havoc I could have created for my parents if I'd had access to this material way back when.

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