Friday, April 11, 2008

Stargate Goodness

Okay, so I'm optimistic.

I recently bought the big collection of all the Stargate episodes, over 50 DVDs full of every season of the show, plus all the "making of" specials that have been done. When this monster package first came out, it was priced near $300, I think. That seemed reasonable to me, but I didn't have the money.

I have the money now, so I hopped onto Amazon and found that the price was $160 something. I grabbed it, and the new Ark of Truth DVD (a made for DVD movie continuing the Stargate saga).

So when am I going to have time to watch 10 seasons of Stargate? I figure it'll probably be about the time my two-year old daughter goes away to college. Maybe I'll be lucky and she'll become a science fiction fanatic like me, and we'll cut a few years off that estimate.

Oh, and I must have bought when the stars were right...I just checked, and the price is up to $230. Lucky me!


Anonymous said...

I have found many times that when you find something you want that if you can have patience then the right price will come your way. It's almost better to forget about it and check it out later than to stress out about it everytime you check to see if the price is right.

Unknown said...


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Anonymous said...

I was disappointed in Ark. I really expected more. You and I have read so many of the same books and watched so many of the same sci-fi, when you finally get to watch it, I think you'll be disappointed too. I am enjoying the new Dr. Who, though. Speaking of Who....guess Who.

Jay said...

At the rate that I'm watching the episodes (1 so far), Ark will probably seem pretty old fashioned by the time I get around to it any way.

What I've seen of the new Dr. Who I've liked. Now if I can just find that "Complete Dr. Who" boxed set that has all 20+ seasons...