Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Selling Your Life

I just ran across the website of a man in Australia who is selling his life on Ebay. For full details, head to his website, ALife4Sale.

The short version of it, though, is that he's tired of his life and wants a fresh start. He considered selling his house and just starting over that way, but eventually hit on the idea of just scrapping it all and starting over with nothing more than his wallet and the clothes he was wearing.

The idea of a fresh start can certainly be appealing, and all of us have things we're holding on to that we really should let go of. Stuff, old issues, whatever they may be.

Ian, the guy selling his life, has done a good job at putting together a package that represents his life. You're not just buying his house and all the furnishings, you're getting absolutely everything in the house, you're getting a two-week trial employment at his job, you're getting an introduction to his friends, etc.

Who would buy something like this? I imagine it would be attractive for someone else who wanted to get out of their old life and make a clean start. Well, however clean a start it could be when you're stepping into someone else's life.

An interesting idea, and another example of how to use the Internet in fun and quirky ways.

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JC said...

Oh my gosh if it were only so easy. I think that this is a novel idea but in the end I think he will miss everything and besides their are no guarantees for the deal. Just because he says he is going to sell his life doesnt mean he will just up and walk away and never see those people or things in his life. Really he is just having a giant yard sale and a look into his life. You cant take a man's friends away from him, but in this case, you can loan them...