Wednesday, August 08, 2007

MDA Jail & Bail

I participated in the Muscular Dystrophy Association's local Jail and Bail fundraiser today.

They're supposed to choose prominent people from the community, the sorts of people who have large networks and can raise a lot of money for the cause.

Somehow they ended up with me.

They actually pick a lot of people from the community, so there were many people who weren't highly placed executives. I raised about $400, mostly by sending emails to nearly everyone I knew (if I missed you, sorry!)

I included a lot of my ex-students from Franklin University in the list, many of whom are international students. I had some of them contact me, worried that I really was going to jail. I hadn't stopped to think that they wouldn't have heard about this sort of fundraiser before!

The event was a lot of fun. For every so many dollars you raised they gave you poker chips, and then they had an organization there running casino games. I played blackjack and actually won, which never happens when I'm playing with real money. I learned to play craps...I did well, but I'm glad I wasn't using real money. There's a lot to keep track of in that game.

All in all, it was the most fun I've ever had in jail!

They'll leave the web page for donations up for another month, so if you feel like you want to donate to a worthy cause, you can go to my donation page.

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Anonymous said...

wow, malaysian people should learn how to do stuff like this. sounds like an awesome fundraiser! very creative and fun....hhhmmm, an idea I'll try to remember to use in the future. nice blog, by the way